Choosing the right place to study

Examination results are out. What is next? Obviously, the difficult decision making process of choosing the right institution to further our studies. Here, we touch on the possible factors which influence our decisions on the institution of choice.


Almost every product or service in the world requires some amount of fees and this includes education. In reality, education is a heavy investment that all parents have to cope with for the future of their children.

Is money an issue for you? If money is not an issue for us, then our lives would be terribly easier as we can choose whatever universities we are interested in, assuming that we have the minimum requirements for admission.

If money is an issue, then our choices of institution would be limited to local public institution which offers the cheapest mode of education compared to the private and overseas institutions. Then again, if we are able to obtain some form of financial aid (education loans or scholarships), we will have more options for where we would like to pursue our studies.

Peer Pressure

Are you afraid of being alone? This is a question which troubles some of us. If loneliness is an issue, then we would have the tendency to follow our friends to a particular institution for studies and in extreme cases, enrolling into the same course.

But is it wise to do so? This is a rather personal question which only we, ourselves have the answer. As we will all lead our own lives in the future, some people would believe that we should make decisions best for ourselves. We should not go to a place where we would not be able to enjoy the best of education just because we wanted to be with our friends. Others would think that we should enjoy our lives and if studying together with our friends will serve that purpose, then we should follow our friends wherever they choose for studies.


Many institutions brand themselves as providers of good quality education institution to attract students. And many of us also look for such places to make the best out of our education, hoping to gain the best skills and knowledge from our education training. The quality of the education institution is defined by the environment, lecturer, facilities, course structure, etc.

Generally, there is always more than one institution that provides a particular course. Sometimes, this causes a headache as we need to weigh out which of these institutions would be our final choice for education. Here is where factors such as quality, peer pressure and finance come into play.

Although many would go for quality education, but not everyone believes in this. Some people think that it is just important to get a paper qualification for easy job application and does not believe in the education training process. Such believes are hard to dismissed especially when many successful businessmen do not possess a university qualification.

Education Model

Different universities employ different education models. Some believes in specialization in the field which we are majoring hence the course modules/subjects to be taken during studies are controlled to ensure you know every bit about the field we are studying.

On the contrary, other universities allow more flexibility in the course modules/subjects which we are allowed to take. Such education model allows us to know a bit of everything in different fields but may reduce our specialization.

The mode of delivery and emphasis during lecture may also differ between universities. Some universities have video recording of the entire lecture for revision purposes, some universities emphasize heavily on critical thinking rather than loads of theories. Some institutions offer the option of having double majors whereas others have double degree programmes. All of these would influence which university we decide to go to in the end.


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