JPA Scholarship 2010

It's the time again when students of SPM try to grab a piece of the cake from JPA. The scholarship information will be made available next month. All straight A's students can have a go at it...


Get scholarships to study in top-notch universities
By Marc Lourdes
Source: NSTOnline, 04/02/2010

KUALA LUMPUR: Think you're going to ace your Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)?

Well, better start brushing up on your communications skill then.

The Public Service Department yesterday said government scholarship offers for tertiary education would be published on its website,, as well as in major newspapers next month.

Up for grabs will be spots in top-notch universities locally and internationally, including 30 places in the best varsities in the world.

The 30 best scholarships, awarded under the National Scholarship Programme, will be open to candidates who obtained straight As for a minimum of nine SPM subjects.

They should also be under 18 (19 for remove students) and will have to perform well during the interview session with the scholarship panel.

Overall, the international scholarships will be very competitive.

One reason is because there were more SPM candidates (455,317) last year compared with 2008 (442,936).

Also, there is the calibre of the candidates themselves to contend with.

For example, only 1,469 out of 15,084 applicants received last year were from students who scored all As.

Most of the them were vying for engineering and medical courses. And most of them aimed to study in the United Kingdom, Australia or New Zealand.

However, not everybody will get to study overseas, therefore places will still be made available at local universities, including the four main research institutions -- Universiti Malaya, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Universiti Putra Malaysia and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.


wilson said...

if i get 9A+ and 1B+ (in english) can i be offered for JPA scholarship?

Tedd said...


It's very difficult to say dude.

JPA only offer a limited number of scholarships yet the number of applicants are overwhelming every year.

All I can say is not to put all the eggs in one basket.

Try other options if you have.

Congratulations on your results!!!

Best wishes..

Anonymous said...

What's the interview like? What kind of questions are asked? My boy asked to go for interview next week. Appreciate any help?

Anonymous said...

when will the result be out ? mid of May?

Tedd said...

I don't really know. They will notify the successful applicants.

Leanard said...

When was the JPA scholorship release date??

Leanard said...

When was the JPA scholorship release date??

Ethel said...

my spm result is not that good. So, if i good pointer in my semester 1 in mahsa college, can i get scholarship?? plz reply.

Wanderer said...


well, the scholarship is for SPM leavers and they (as far as I know) only look at SPM results for selection.

There are a variety of funding sources in Mahsa itself, why don't you look at those? PTPTN is an example.

Good luck.

rathey said...


Wanderer said...


I don't have the answer to that.

You can still try to apply. No harm trying.

If you remember what the minister said few months ago, straight A's will have the chance to get the scholarship.

BrandytheGreat said...

HI, can you tell me what if you are already studying your pre-u under a scholarship? But the scholarship is only for pre-u, no bonds and nothing beyond that.
Do you still apply JPA same as everyone else after SPM results are out? And, if we decide on UK, they have the UCAS system, do we still go through it?

Looking forward to your response. Thanks,


mira mia said...

how about if i got bad result for spm..but i got flying colours result ot my application would be considered???

Teddy said...


If I'm not mistaken, when you applied using your pre-U for undergraduate course, they will consider your pre-U. But I aint sure.

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