Working Partime after SPM/STPM/A-levels?

After taking the exams, there is normally a 6-7 months of waiting period before the university admission. So what do students normally do during this period?

Some of them stay at home, some go for vacation and some work.

Let’s say you decide to work, because it will look good for your curriculum vitae when you apply for scholarship or work when you graduated later. How will working be like? Some would say it is fun. Some would end up complaining how bad the experience was. Right?

Well, sometimes it really depends a lot on luck. If you find a nice place, with nice people, it will be something you enjoy before you enter university to continue with your education journey.

Let’s assume it’s something bad, you get a bad boss who screams at you, you get to do all the boring chores, you get colleagues who won’t help you, so how is that?

Well, actually things don’t always work out the way you expected it to be. But sometimes, you can still work it in a way that it goes to your advantage.

For example, your boss is bad, your work is boring, but when you are applying for scholarship or job later when you have graduated, would you actually complain about the job experience?

I guess not, no matter how bad it was, nobody knows about it. Only you know, so why not try to find the good point about it and let others know so they will find that you have some kind of added value which others don’t. You get what I mean? So, if you are really hating your part time work now, think about how you are going to use this experience for your own benefit in the future…


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