STPM Results are Out!!!!

STPM results are out!! So how did you do?? Hope everything went well with all.

According to report, the number of straight As for the STPM has dropped again this year with only 13 scored 5As (25 in 2007) and 223 scored 4As (267 in 2007).

Well, no idea what's the cause of this, is it because the quality of the students? or because they have increased the stringency of the exam?

Long ago, people don't really look at straight As in STPM, they will often say how many principals you have achieved. Principals is something like credit in SPM, it refers to the full passes you have obtained, which shows how hard this exam was back then.

But nowadays, it is often a comparison of how many straight As there are in every year.

I really hope this world recognised examination can maintain it's quality and stringency in order to produce truly capable students for the country.


STPM results: More passes but fewer who scored straight As
By: Veena Babulal
Source: NSTonline, 11/03/09


The number of students who scored straight As for the Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia(STPM) dropped for the second year in a row.

Only 13 candidates who enlisted for five subjects scored all As last year compared with 25 students in 2007.

Of this number, 10 candidates were from the Science stream while three came from the Arts stream.

There were also only 223 students taking four subjects who scored straight As in 2008 compared with 267 the previous year.

The overall STPM performance for last year improved by 0.65 per cent with 46,227 candidates or 92.26 per cent of the total number of students passing, with at least one principal compared with 56,963 (or 91.61 per cent) meeting this requirement in 2007.

These statistics were announced here yesterday by Malaysian Examiniation Council chairman, Professor Tan Seri Dzulkifli Abdul Razak.

A total of 53,638 candidates sat for the examination last year.

The number of those who achieved a Cumulative Grade Point Average(CGPA) of 4.0 also dropped from from 760 students two years ago to 440 students last year.

For 2008, a total of 3,437 students obtained principals in all five subjects (or 6.85 per cent) compared with 3,689(or 5.93 per cent) the year before.

Whereas a total of 18,686 students or 37.25 per cent of the total number of candidates obtained four straight principals compared with 23,112 or 37.17 per cent of the total number of students who achieved such results in 2007.

Dzulkifli also pointed out that 92.7 per cent of candidates were confident enough to fully answer examination papers in English.

Although the performance gap between rural and urban areas continued to be obvious high scoring rural students in the Science Stream outdid urban students for the very first time.

“There were 14.81 per cent rural students who achieved three to five As this year compared to 12.99 per cent of the urban candidates from the Science Stream. This is not only surprising but extraordinary because as far back as I can recall this has never happened before,” he added.

However the number of urban candidates who scored between three to five As made up 10.39 per cent while only 6.77 per cent of rural candidates obtained results within the same grade bracket.

Of the 19 subjects students signed up for examinations no subject recorded a dip in performance.

Generally students performed better in Usuluddin, Geography, Sports Science, Further Mathematics T, Computing, Visual Science, Economy besides Business Studies.

Candidates performances in other subjects remained relatively unchanged.


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