NS Food Poisoning

Seems like our NS isn't doing so well after years of implementation. The young trainees are still facing the same problem. Food poisoning doesn't seem like a new issue in Malaysia's NS program, yet it seems like it cannot be prevented.

Authorities should really do something about this as it involves the health of the trainees...


155 fall ill after meal
Source: NSTonline, 09/01/2008

LUMUT: One hundred and fifty-five National Service trainees at the Teluk Rubiah camp were rushed to hospital yesterday with food poisoning.

They were brought to the hospital at 7.20am after suffering from stomach ache, diarrhoea and vomiting after a meal of chicken chop at the camp canteen.

A hospital spokesman said most of the trainees had been sent back after treatment but eight were warded. Camp commandant Commander K. Kannan declined to elaborate and asked the media to contact the NS headquarters in Kuala Lumpur for details.


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