MARA Scholarship 2009

MARA Scholarship is up for grabs again. Please NOTE that this is only for Bumiputra, please check for eligibility criteria on MARA's website. Please refer to local dailies for further info.


MARA Scholarship 2009
Source: NSTonline, 09/01/2008

KUALA LUMPUR: Bumiputera undergraduates with excellent results can apply for scholarships to study in top universities overseas under Mara's Excellent Students' Scheme.

Those with a cumulative grade point average of three and above are encouraged to apply. Advertisements in newspapers will be out from today until Sunday.


From MARA's Website:- (URL: )


i. Program Ijazah Pertama bagi calon lepasan Matrikulasi / Diploma
ii. Program Profesional bagi calon lepasan Diploma / Ijazah Pertama
iii. Program Sarjana bagi calon lepasan Ijazah Pertama
iv Program Ijazah Doktor Falsafah bagi calon lepasan Sarjana
* Program ini hanya diiklankan dalam akhbar-akhbar tempatan pada setiap hujung tahun bagi kemasukan sesi tahun hadapannya (tertakluk kepada pindaan). Walaubagaimanapun, pertimbangan tajaan adalah tertakluk kepada peruntukan semasa dan dasar terkini MARA.

Bagi pengambilan sesi 2009/2010 iklan akan dikeluarkan di akhbar-akhbar berikut pada 9 hingga 11 Januari 2009

Akhbar :
Utusan Malaysia
Berita Harian
Sunday Times
Mingguan Malaysia
Berita Minggu


boLanliap said...

Who will want to go to this joint? It will makes you stupid!

Teddy said...


Erm.. I dont really get what u mean.. hehe...

it's a scholarship, it is a benefit to those who cant afford university studies at overseas reknown university...

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