One Year Old Baby Raped by 16 and 30 Year Old?

Ok, this is the kind of news I classify as extreme. A one year old baby was raped!!! Is the sexual desire so strong that they actually made a new born one year old baby the rape victim?

One of the suspects is 16 year old! Gosh!! Where the hell did he learn to rape at such a young age? Another one is a 30 year old uncle who is supposed to be matured enough to tell right from wrong!! What's wrong with the world we live in?

They caused a big wound in the baby that it needed to be stitched up... Maybe they should be castrated or something.. This people really has no cure!!!


Year-old baby raped: Two held
Source: NSTOnline, 23/12/2008

BUTTERWORTH: Police have detained two suspects for raping a year-old toddler.

Seberang Prai Utara district deputy police chief Superintendent Mohd Shukri Awang said the two suspects, aged 30 and 16, were neighbours of the victim. They were picked up on Saturday night.

Shukri said the child's mother, a 32-year-old sales promoter, only found out that her daughter had been raped when she took the girl to the Seberang Jaya Hospital after returning home from work at 11pm on Friday.

Relating the incident, the woman said her mother had picked up the baby from a babysitter's house, about 50 metres away, at 6pm.

"My mother told me that my daughter was bleeding from her private part and I took her to hospital.

"There was a deep wound and the doctors told me that she had been raped. They had to stitch to close the wound.

"I do not know who was responsible for doing such a cruel act to my daughter. They must be animals."


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