Autistic But Scored Straight A's

This is an inspiring story which tells us not to give up on those who seemed at a disadvantage and definitely don't give up on ourselves..

This boy could not talk until he was 7 and wore diapers until the age of 9! But he is the UPSR Straight A's student!!!!

Bravo dude!!! All the best in your future undertakings!!! If he can do it, the rest of us should not give up when we are faced with problems in our studies and work harder instead to be the best!!!!


Study on autistic wonder
By Zainuddin Muhammad
Source: NSTonline, 01/12/2008

KUALA TERENGGANU: An autistic 13-year-old who scored straight As in the Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR), will be a case study for the state Education Department.

Muhammad Danial Zainuddin became the first special education candidate in the country to achieve all As.

Department deputy director Razali Daud said the "autistic wonder" would make an interesting subject for a case study.

At a luncheon with 29 UPSR special education candidates at Permai Inn yesterday, Razali said the study would be undertaken by the special education unit. Its findings would help administrators, educators and parents of special needs children to improve their learning abilities.

He said Danial of SK Padang Hiliran, who could not talk until he was 7 and wore diapers to school until he was 9, had intrigued teachers and students when he emerged top of his class in Year Four.

Even his headmaster, Md Sidek Besar, could not explain his transformation from an unruly and hard-to-control child in the special education class to a straight-A student.

Education Ministry special education deputy director Rozainum Ahmad later presented Danial with an Acer notebook, RM500 worth of shopping vouchers and another RM500 cash from Mydin Hypermarket.


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