University Student Raped by Taxi Driver!

Gosh!! Girls going out at night should be extra careful so to not fall prey of rapist wearing a 'nice guy mask'. This girl was offered a drink which knocked her out allowing the taxi driver to rape her. ALL GIRLS BECAREFUL!!!!!


Cabbie rapes student
By : Lee Shi-Ian

KAJANG: A university student was raped by a taxi driver on Monday night after accepting a drink from him.

The drink is believed to have contained a date-rape drug.

The 20-year-old victim had boarded the taxi in Sentul about 8.30pm and asked to be taken to Jalan Imbi.

However, the taxi driver, who was apparently charming and polite, said he had left his driving licence at his house.

He convinced the student to let him to go back to his house in Kajang to collect his driving licence before sending her to her destination.

The taxi driver, who was in his 40s, then offered the student a soft drink.

She felt dizzy after taking a few sips.

The student only had a vague memory of what transpired after that.

It is believed that the suspect took the victim back to his house where he raped her several times before helping her to dress up again.

He carried her back to his taxi and later dropped her off at an undisclosed location.

When the victim regained consciousness, she immediately lodged a police report.

Unfortunately, she could not recall much of what had transpired.

She managed to provide police with a photofit of the suspect but was unable to recall where he had taken her or the registration number of the taxi.

A source said police were unsure how many women had fallen victim to the taxi driver as this was the first reported case in Kajang.

Police are advising women using taxis alone to be vigilant.

Kajang police chief Assistant Commissioner Sakaruddin Che Mood confirmed the incident but declined to elaborate as investigations were ongoing.


sabahking said...

terrible taxi driver !! better die faster !!

Teddy said...


yea i agree, such pervert should be punished!! send him to jail faster!!!

Ping Ping said...

but i tot we are being taught since young NEVER to accept sweets, drinks or anything from a stranger, no matter how charming he is.

Haih...take bus also sked, take taxi also sked...

Teddy said...

ping ping

yea yea, i shall nvr accept candies frm stranger anymore!!!

yea lor.. take bus can kena touch touch, take taxi can kena rape.. walk oso not safe..

wah, like dat very hard lor .... hehehe

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