UM Students Worried of Snatch Thieves

Seems like the snatch thieves nowadays are getting more and more daring and violent. They no longer just snatch your bags on a speeding bike but also threaten you with knives and if you refuse to give your valuable, they will even beat you up with helmets.

What are the precautions taken by the authorities to protect the students and also the residence of snatch theft proned areas? Just warn people to be more vigilant? Is that enough? Should more be done? Or should I say "Can more be done by the authorities to protect us?"

For the quiet street leading to Section 11, is the lightings sufficient? Can patrol cars be station there at night? What more can we do to protect ourselves? Can the authorities do more?


Students worry about snatch thefts
Source: TheStar Online, 22/11/2008

Tertiary students staying near Universiti Malaya’s Petaling Jaya side of the campus are worried about the increasing number of snatch thefts in the area.

Snatch thieves are targeting the students as thefts are being reported to the police almost every other day.

Several victims have alleged that the authorities have not acted on their reports.

A. Ramapraba, 27, said the students were being targeted as they normally walked to and from their homes in Section 11, just opposite Universiti Malaya.

“I was walking to the university with a friend when six men on motorcycles surrounded us and threatened us with knives.

Streets of danger: The quiet roads of Section 11 where students say numerous snatch thefts have taken place.

“They took our handphones, cash and student ID cards,” she said.

P. Nagamah, 60, whose son, a student at the Mahsa College in Petaling Jaya, was robbed, said the crime spree had become worse this month with the thieves becoming more aggressive.

“They put a knife to my son’s throat and demanded his belongings.

“When he refused, they beat him up with helmets,” she said.

“After taking his valuables, they tried to stab him but he was able to run into a neighbour’s house and the thieves fled when the neighbour came out to help,” Nagamah said.

Petaling Jaya deputy OCPD Supt Mohd Shukor Sulong said the police were looking into the matter and urged the public to be more vigilant while walking outside.


sabahking said...

i think next time we should not vote for BM !! poor management of the government !!

Teddy said...


BM is apa? Bahasa Melayu? hehehe

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