Student Asked to Caress Teacher's Genitals

This is extremely disgusting!! What is wrong with the society? Being a teacher, isn't he supposed to be educating the young ones, instilling knowledge and cultivating good moral values in them. How can he be doing such nonsense? Using the children as a tool to satisfy his own sexual desire!!! This is utterly unacceptable!!!! Parents should beware of such imbecile and not simply entrusting their children to them. This teacher is an insult to the profession and is tainting the image of other good teachers who spent years of their life educating the younger generations. I hope the authorities investigate this thoroughly and take appropriate actions against him. They must take into account the life-long emotional effect that has been inflicted to the children who have become victime of his immoral act.


Teacher held for molesting pupils
By Jassmine Shadiqe
Source: NSTonline, 08/11/2008

JOHOR BARU: A teacher was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly molesting a nine-year boy at his tuition centre in Taman Melodies here.

He is believed to have been doing this for the past year.

The boy's mother, who wanted to be identified as Ah Fang, 32, said a friend of her son told her on Oct 31 that she did not want to attend classes at the tuition centre as the teacher had molested her.

"As soon as my son came back from his tuition class about 6pm that day, my husband and I asked him if he had experienced any problems with the teacher," Ah Fang said at the state MCA complaints bureau yesterday.

"He said the teacher often forced him to strip and lie on a table with his eyes closed and was then asked to caress the teacher's genitals until he ejaculated. This took place in the class room after the other students had left.

"My son said the teacher threatened to punish him if he told anyone about what had taken place.

"He also told us the teacher had wanted my son to perform oral sex on him but my son refused," Ah Fang said, adding that the last incident was on Oct 29.

"I am extremely upset and disgusted with the teacher's actions."

She said the teacher often sent her son, who is the eldest of her three children home late after classes.

Also present was state MCA complaints bureau deputy chief Rodney Soon.

Ah Fang said she lodged a report at the Johor Baru (South) police district headquarters on Sunday.

District police chief Assistant Commissioner Zainuddin Yaacob said a man had been arrested and remanded for five days.


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