Sex Education in National Service... Sounds Fun!!!

Sex education in National Service? Cool right!!! I wonder what can they talk about in there among all the young and energetic and full of adrenaline 18 year olds.

'The Birds and The Bees'... The reproductive organs... The penis and the vagina... The testicles and the ovaries... hmm... yummy... hahaha... Sperms are the smallest cells in the body while the ovum is the largest... Sperm swims, ovum sits and wait... Sperms touch the ovum and fertilisation occurs!!! Sperms are produced through a process called spermatogenesis while ovums through oogenesis...

Boys and Boys are NO NO... Get 20 years in jail, you know!!!

Girls and Girls are also NO NO... But no idea how long in jail, coz I haven't heard any news report in Malaysia yet...

Girls and Boys are YES YES!!! But must be at legal age and no blood relationship... Brother and Sister can get 24 years!!! (Read this News Article)

Grandfather/Father and Daughters are disgusting!!! NO NO also... Don't know how many years also even though this happens so often... Didn't really take note of the years, but there are rotan though, until the butt 'open flower', as in the skin comes off!! hehe...

Ok, what more can they say? hmmm... I think I better stop, I'm getting over-excited!! hahaha...


Sex education unlikely at National Service
Source: NSTonline, 26/11/2008

KUCHING: Sex education will unlikely to be introduced in the National Service (NS) training programme in January.

National Service Training Council chairman Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe said yesterday the NS Training Department had not received any feedback from the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry, the Education Ministry, religious bodies and non-governmental organisations.

"The implementation of a slot on sex education will depend on the feedback we receive from those bodies," he said after a seminar on health management here.

In August, Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen said a slot on sex education would be introduced in the NS training programme at the January intake. -- Bernama


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