No Hands but Still A's in UPSR!!

This is another wonderful story which shows how perseverance will pay off someday.. Congratulation to this young kid in his success and I hope he can achieve his dreams in becoming a lecturer in future.


UPSR Results: Hadi shows he can score, too
Source: NSTOnline, 15/11/2008

Muhammad Hadi Darus scored 4As and 1B in the Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah.

PENDANG: Meet Muhammad Hadi Darus. The 12-year-old from SK Sungai Tiang was born disabled but he still scored 4As and 1B in the Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah examinations.

The second of five siblings, Hadi was born without any hands and his fingers are attached to his shoulders. He goes to his school, which is located 500m from his house in Felda Sungai Tiang, here, using a battery-driven wheelchair.

He said during the three-day examinations, he would climb three flights of stairs to the exam hall.

Unlike his peers, Hadi would use his foot when writing notes or answering exam questions.

"Although I did not obtain As in all five papers, I'm glad the results were still good.

"I will continue to work hard in the future."

Hadi, who wants to be a lecturer when he grows up, attributed his success to his father, Darus Dariman, 47, and mother, Halimah Che Pah, 45.

He thanked them for their endless encouragement and support.

In Kedah, a total of 3,482 pupils obtained straight As. They were among 40,062 pupils who sat for the exams.


Anonymous said...

amazing! motivating!

Anonymous said...

this is really inspiring! i cried hard in upsr last time. dint kno some otha ppl had it worst thn me..

Teddy said...

yes. motivating indeed..

u cried? wow, u must be under a lot of pressure back then....

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