Earn RM10K but don't want pay back PTPTN?

OMG!! This is so over!!!!! Earning RM10000 per month yet don't wana pay back the PTPTN loan? Why ah? Can give a good explanation or not? These irresponsible people are making it hard for the rest of the good students to get financial aid!!!


Study loan defaulters owe RM1.2b
Source: NSTonline, 22/11/2008

KUCHING: There are 300,000 student loan defaulters still owing the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) about RM1.2 billion.

Since PTPTN was established in 1997, it has approved 1,254,596 applications nationwide.

Speaking at the launch of PTPTN's first Info Centre for East Malaysia here yesterday, Deputy Higher Education Minister Datuk Idris Haron said as of Aug 31 this year, PTPTN had given out RM25.9 billion for students to pursue their studies at various higher education institutions.

"About 50 per cent of these have paid their loans," Idris said.

"We are still trying to get the remaining 50 per cent to pay up. There is a lot to do to collect these debts."

Idris said many of the defaulters were financially sound.

"What upsets us is that some of these defaulters are professionals such as lawyers and doctors, and some are successful in business, earning up to RM10,000 a month," he said, adding that many chose to ignore the repeated reminders and warnings send to them.

"If this persists, we'll have to initiate legal proceedings against them and blacklist them from taking bank loans in the future," he said. "We would also impose a travel ban."

Idris said the defaulters were preventing thousands of students from studying.

"When they came to us for loans, they begged us to help them. Now, they don't want to pay up or even bother about others who need help."

He said PTPTN had appealed to them to pay as little as RM60 per month to keep the fund going.

Meanwhile, PTPTN chief executive officer Yunos Abd Ghani said that from now on, the corporation would require parents to have savings in the National Education Savings Scheme before their children were eligible for loans.

Under the new conditions, parents earning more than RM2,000 a month must have RM3,000 in the savings scheme while those earning less than RM2,000 must have RM500.

"We have also made it compulsory for parents or guardians to stand as guarantors."

"Hopefully, these new conditions will help us overcome the problem of unpaid loans."


TNH said...

this is because goverment does not take any action on them..so what to do..can drag sure will drag..unless really rich

sabahking said...

those people who earn a lot of money but dun want pay back ptptn is really terrible bad !!

Teddy said...


10K per month stil not rich ah? he kerja 3 months oso can pay back all in one lum sum lor.. hehehe

Teddy said...


yea lor.. make us all susah dapat pinjaman..

Jason Law said...

Guess what? I have received the first batch of fund, yet I do not receive any official letter about my loan.....

I don't even know the detail of my loan although I have taken the money. So suck~

shareyouwaytoearn said...

Even the rich also don't want to pay back because the interest is too low. With the new interest at 1% at now, it is better to owe the government because the depreciation rate of our money is greater than 1%.

Teddy said...


the details of the loan will come in later in the semester, they will send u every semester wan...

then in the end they will send u a final copy of the total u got.. hehe.. be patient..

Teddy said...


wat u say is true oso..
but i guess they r using reverse psychology to get back the money, they hope low interest rates means ppl will be more willing to pay back...

but it seems the other way.. hhehehe

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