Do you think a 10 year old can be a robber?

Ever wonder how young can a robber be? 10 to 12 years old!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! Talk about how progressive the crime world has gone!!! So young and they are robber?! Amazing!!!!


Young robbers unrepentant
Source: NSTonline, 26/11/2008

KAPAR: They may be only aged 10 to 12, but the three boys are already armed robbers.

What is more shocking is that, after being released on bail, the trio -- two of whom are brothers -- were overheard bragging about their exploits to their friends.

The transformation from petty criminals to armed robbery came when they threatened a 10-year-old boy, alone at home, with a penknife and took the jewellery belonging to their victim's mother.

The boys were caught when they sold a pair of large oil lamps worth RM4,000 to a scrap metal dealer, who has also been arrested.


TNH said... is changing...

Teddy said...


more n more progressive hor! hehe.. :P

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