Blind But Still Score A's

This should inspire those who are going to sit for examinations... Don't give up, be strong and work hard...


UPSR Results: Disability not an obstacle to score As
By : Dennis Wong
Source: NSTonline, 14/11/2008

Rossie Binyai (right), who scored 3As in her UPSR, consoling her friend, Then Chiew Yen, who did not do so well in the examination

KUCHING: Blindness is not an excuse for being ill-educated, and Rossie Binyai, 14, proved just that by scoring As in all her three language papers, 1B for Science and 1C for Mathematics in her Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah.

Blind since birth, Rossie never knew how the world around her looked like. But coming from a poor family, she wanted to do her bit for the family despite her disability.

"My dream is to go to university and graduate as an English teacher," said Rossie when met at SK Pendidikan Khas (B) yesterday.

Rossie, from Rumah Pantu Mujung, Kapit, is one of three blind students who sat for the UPSR exam in the state.

Two others were Then Chiew Yen, 14, and Seripah Hadiah Wan Mohamad, 14, who is also deaf.

Rossie, who wants to prove that blindness is not a hurdle in education, said she spent six hours a day revising her subjects in her dormitory.

"I prepared a timetable and followed it every day. In any case, what was I to do besides study?" she joked.

Next year, Rossie goes to Form 1 at SMK Batu Lintang, studying alongside normal students under an integrated programme.

"It will be a challenge to study alongside normal students, but I will do my best and fulfil my promise to my family.

"I will not let them down as they have done a lot for me," she added, proudly. "This is my chance to shine."

Rossie's English teacher, Mariana Yusuf, was proud of her results.

"Science and Mathematics are difficult subjects for students like Rossie, because they can never tell what a butterfly looks like or what a change in colour is and what graphs are.

"Their minds cannot register all this as they have never seen such things before. Despite this, Rossie overcame all these problems," said Mariana.


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