15 year old shot his Mother with Dad's gun

Gosh, does an argument require such serious response by shooting his own mother? And this guy is only 15 years old!!!


'Policeman allowed to take gun home'
Source: NSTonline, 27/11/2008

SUNGAI BULOH: A policeman who brought home his service pistol, which resulted his 15-year-old son allegedly shooting his mother, did not contravene procedures.

Deputy Gombak police chief Superintendent Rosly Hassan said as a detective sergeant in the crimes division, the policeman was permitted to take his gun home.

"His action (in taking the gun home) was not wrong. Any action to be taken against the policeman would depend on the police disciplinary board," he said after visiting the policeman's injured wife at Sungai Buloh Hospital yesterday.

The boy is being held at Kuala Selangor police headquarters, pending a remand order.

Rosly said the suspect was arrested on a motorcycle in Kuala Selangor on Tuesday. The motorcyclist was also detained.

The gun, a Glock 9mm, was found in a rest house not far from where the boy was nabbed.

The teenager's 45-year-old mother, who suffered a gunshot wound on the right side of her chest, does not blame her eldest son over the incident at Bandar Country Homes. "My husband and I have forgiven him."

Recounting the incident, she said she was inside the house when she heard her son and husband arguing, before a shot hit her. -- Bernama


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