14 year old boy beaten up by 10

Have you guys ever been bullied in school? Being beaten or insulted? Why are there bullies in school? Why do they like bullying other students?

In this case, a 14 year old school boy supposed to be celebrating his birthday ended up being beaten up by 8 seniors and 2 peers!! Why do they want to do that to a helpless boy? What do they get actually?


Bullies beat birthday boy
Source: NSTonline, 01/11/2008

ALOR STAR: Thursday was his 14th birthday but instead of getting presents from his schoolmates, Muhammad Rais Mustar got a beating.

The student of SMK Tunku Abdul Malik was assaulted by eight seniors and two peers in the visitors' room at 6.30pm.

Rais was forced by five seniors to follow them to the room, where the other five were waiting for him. One of the boys locked the door and they all began bashing him up.

"I really don't know why they attacked me. When they forced me to the room, I just followed them although I sensed something bad was going to happen to me," said the fourth of seven siblings at his home in Kampung Permatang Buluh, Yan, yesterday.

Present was his 45-year-old father, Mustar Misan, a security guard at a private hospital here.

Rais said the attacked lasted 10 minutes. He was kicked and punched on the body and face until he fell.

"I tried to cry out for help but someone was choking me. I could also see a few of them hitting me with sticks although I can't remember their faces."

Rais said he later learned from friends that he was attacked because the schoolboys thought he was involved in a theft a few weeks ago.

Mustar said he was waiting outside the school to fetch his son when the attack occurred.

"When he did not show up, I thought to myself that he might have gone home early since it was the first day of the school's year-end examinations," he said.

A short while later, Mustar received a call from Rais.

He rushed to the school, only to find that his son's face was bloodied and there were bruises on his body.

Mustar took his son to the district police headquarters to lodge a report before seeking treatment at Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital.

Mustar claimed his son's attack was a second incident.

On Oct 10, two senior students kicked and punched him while he was boarding at the school. After the incident, the school decided to dismiss him and five others as boarders.

State Education Department director Shahidan Abdul Rahman said he would investigate the case.


Ripalo Cal said...

if he won the fight...i would be...astonished.

dropped by from innit. =P

Boris said...

they tought he stole something? that's not even reasonable to beat the kid. but please! 10 guys to 1? come on!

Teddy said...


haha, obviously he lost la, the poorthing got badly injured...

Teddy said...


yea, dare to bully others but dun dare to go one on one.. duno wat lousy ppl r they...

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