No Money, No Love

Going through the newspaper today, I saw a shocking letter written by a poor guy. He had just broken up with a girl he had been with for six years. Even after breaking up, he still love and missed her.

But the reason for breaking up is very saddening. Just because he wasn't rich. I guess my advice to him is, forget the girl who only love the money and not his heart. There is no point at all being with such a person.


No money, no love
Source: TheStar Online (Lifestyle), 26/10/2008

Letter by a guy:-

I AM 25 this year, and have been working for almost three years after graduating from university.

I was dating this girl, J, for more than six years. She is still studying.

We just broke up recently. I love and miss her very much.

We had fought and broken up many times before but we always got back together after a few days of breaking up.

But this time, it’s different. She said that she couldn’t be together with me any longer because our opinions were so different all the time, and we were both suffering because of these differences.

No matter what I do, she will never be satisfied and even will not give me any support for it.

I tried to save money from the beginning of the year for our future marriage.

She changed a lot after entering university two years ago. She told me that a guy was in love with her and “chasing after” her. She enjoys the feeling of being chased.

She mentioned that this guy comes from a rich family. She might be in “love” with him because of his wealth.

The night before we broke up, she told me that she would not marry or be with me until I was rich.

She has taught me a very good lesson; that without money, there is no true love.

No Money, No Love


Reply from the editor:-

DON’T be so bitter. Is this girl really worth so much pain that you become such a harsh, cynical man?

You know her now for the manipulative, materialistic and malignant person that she is. She is cancerous, eating into your heart and mind, destroying your trust in love.

But if you could be rational and pragmatic, walk away and leave the hatred and bitterness behind. Then at least, you still have a chance to win in love.

Consider this your lucky break. A good man does not need a cold, mercenary woman.

She will never be happy and contented to share a sweet and simple life with you. She will probably make you feel a failure, a man who can never provide enough for her.

So stop thinking about her and get on with your life.

It is important that you know love and values. A good woman would know a good man, so be patient until true love finds you.


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