Guy Stabs Girl for Rejecting Him??

OMG!!! It's just a rejection.. Does it need such a drastic response? To stab the girl? This is totally weird!! I really don't understand what is going on.. You get rejected, you get sad, cry a bit, then move on lor.. Need to stab??? Exam time really aint the time to talk about love it seems...


Fifth Former stabs classmate over spurned love
By : Fay Angela D'cruz and Mazlinda Mahmood
Source: NSTonline, 24th Oct 2008

SHAH ALAM: There was mayhem at a secondary school in Kampung Baru Cina Subang here on Monday when a Form Five student was stabbed in the abdomen by a spurned lover.

The victim, whose identity is being withheld, was admitted to the University Malaya Medical Centre in serious condition, while her assailant has gone missing.

The suspect, said to be also in Form Five, is believed to be the victim's classmate.

Initial investigations revealed that the suspect had been trying to woo the girl for the past six months. He had even visited her home several times, but she was not interested in starting a relationship.

Witnesses told police that the girl was attacked in-between two school blocks just before the morning bell went off.

She was left in a semi-conscious state on the ground and was bleeding before teachers and students rushed to her aid.

Police said several students of the co-ed school started screaming when they saw the attack, forcing the suspect to immediately flee the scene.

One of the teachers lodged a police report at noon after rushing the victim to the hospital.

"The suspect and victim are from the same school," a police official said, adding that the suspect was long gone when police arrived at the scene.

"We are looking for the suspect and the weapon used."

The official said police were still speaking to witnesses. They were also waiting to speak to the victim, who is in the hospital's emergency ward.

At the hospital yesterday, a relative said the victim was still in shock and refused to speak to anyone.

"She cries when she begins to relate what had happened. Then she stops talking," the relative said.

"We believe she was attacked simply because she had rejected the suspect's advances and had refused to go out with him.

"He had been trying to court her for more than six months."

The relative said the boy had gone to the house several times but the girl had refused to entertain him,

"I can't believe something like this can happen as she is a nice and decent girl."

The victim's family is now concerned that she might not be in the right frame of mind to sit the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia examination next month.

The victim's parents, who were at the hospital, declined to comment and asked to be left alone.


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