Her Brother Died, Should She Join NS?

Recently there is this news about a 20 year old youth passed away after his NS training. And now, the parents are reluctant to allow their daughter to go through NS due to her elder brother's death.

What do you think? Should she join or not? Looking in another point of view, should the parents allow her to join or not? It is undeniable that the parents are obviously extremely sad about the lost of their son and are extra protective of their daughter.

I think a thorough investigation should be carried out to find out the cause of their son's death to see whether it was in anyway related to the NS training. Then the authority should decide whether their fear is valid or not and whether to allow her to be exempted from NS...


Jane must attend NS

Source: TheStar Online, 23rd Sept 2008

PETALING JAYA: National service candidate Jane Lim has to attend training because her brother’s death is not a valid reason for exemption.

Department director-general Datuk Abdul Hadi Awang Kechil said it had no authority to exempt the 17-year-old from the programme because her brother Ricky died nine days after his NS stint.

“If she wants to defer training or be exempted from the programme, she will have to submit an official request to our department according to normal procedure,” he said.

Abdul Hadi said Jane could only be exempted from the programme if the reason given for her request fell within the conditions stated in the National Service Training Act.

On Sunday, Jane’s parents Lim Geok Kim and Meng Yeok said they would not let their only surviving child go for training following Ricky’s death.

Ricky, 20, died on Sept 15 after completing his three-month national service on Sept 6.

The SMK Catholic High student did not complain of any illness or pain prior to his death but he did complain about the camp’s hygiene and yellowish water supply.

In a press statement, Abdul Hadi said Ricky attended all training modules without suffering any health problem, except for a cough and mild fever.

“He followed the training as usual after receiving treatment from our medical staff.”

He also said the Lagenda Gunung Ledang Asahan camp had received clearance from the Jasin Health Department on June 18 and was safe to be used.

The report also showed that its water supply had been treated at the Jasin Water Supply Department in Malacca, Abdul Hadi said.

In Malacca, Lim remained firm in his decision not to allow Jane to attend training.

He said he and his wife would not accept any reason from the authorities.

“We will not let her go and I don’t care what it takes. My son’s death is already unacceptable for us and we are sure we will not take any risk of losing my only daughter,” he said.

“I will not bother to write to apply for anything (exemption). If any warning letters (from the authorities) come, I will just tear them.”


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