This scheme is introduced in 1972 to assist students studying at the various public local institutions of higher learnings (IPTA). It is then extended to students studying in private institutions [IPTS) provided that the course they undertake is a franchised/twinning program from the IPTAs.


To assist students from Sarawak in pursuing their studies without any hitches.
To enable them to continue their studies without worrying about their financing aspect.
To encourage students to focus their energies in their studies thus achieving excellence in academics.


Fill out and complete the Educational Loan Scheme Form.
Forms can be obtained from: The Sarawak Foundation's Office, all Resident and District offices, Divisional Education Department and also institutions of higher learnings.
Supporting documents: Certified photocopies of public exams certificates, offer letter and result slip (for current students in IPTAs/IPTS) and other relevant documents.
Date of applying for this scheme will be advertised in local newspapers.

Duly completed forms will be processed and assessed base on the following criteria:

Applicant's sosio-economics
Type of course
Year of studies
Students will be duly notified of the outcome of their application.

Other features of the scheme:
1. Practical Loan Scheme:

To cater for current recipients of the above scheme who undergoes practical training during their semester break and does not receive any allownces from any party. this scheme provides for their daily allowances.

2. Additional Loan Scheme:
To cater for current recipients of the above scheme who are required to finish their study outside the stipulated period due to unavoidable circumstances in order that they may complete their studies.

Thesis Loan:
To cater for students doing their degrees to prepare on their project papers or thesis. To qualify for this loan, applicants must show proof that it's a compulsory requirement by the relevant IPTs. Amount of loan approved is RM500.00.

Upgrading Loan:
To cater for current recipients of our Educational Loan Scheme who are offered to continue their studies by their respective IPTs from diploma to degree level consecutively.

Note: Please refer to the
website for application forms.

Source: http://www.yayasan.org.my/


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