Yayasan Sabah Education Loan

Yayasan Sabah Education Loan

Responsible for processing applications for students’ loans every year, publishing all offer letters, monitoring students academic performance, co-ordinating and releasing payment for students.

1. What is Yayasan Sabah Study Loan?

It is financial assistance in loan form offered to students furthering their studies at public and private universities and in ASEAN / Middle East Countries only.

2. What are the courses offered under this study loan programme?

Any courses taken by the students provided those courses are certified by LAN (National Accreditation Board).

3. Loan Amount ( within the country and overseas):

• LOAN (within the country)
Public Universities:
- Diploma: -RM4,000.00
- First degree/Advanced Diploma: -RM6000.00
- PhD / Master’s degree: -RM8,000.00
Private Universities
- Diploma and first degree: -RM2,000.00 - RM12,000.00
Outside Campus:
- First degree: -RM4,500.00
- Master’s degree: -RM8,000.00
Kolej Yayasan Sabah:
- Diploma: -RM7,000.00

•LOAN (overseas)
- ASEAN/Middle East: - RM8,000.00 - RM15,000.00

4. How payment is done?

- For public universities, UiTM, Kusza and Polytechnics, payment is made two times in a year. Payment for the first semester in Oct-Dec and second semester in Feb-March.
- For private colleges/outside campus/ASEAN and Middle East, payment is made once a year.
- Payment is only made to student who submitted their exam result slip.

5. When is the Loan Sponsorship offer published?

The loan application form can be obtained at the price of RM3.00 at all Yayasan Sabah Zone’s offices, Yayasan Sabah Kuala Lumpur Branch office and Yayasan Sabah Headquarters Complex, Kota Kinabalu.

6. How to apply and obtain the loan application form?

The loan application form can be obtained with the price of RM3.00 at all Yayasan Sabah Zone’s offices, Yayasan Sabah Kuala Lumpur Branch office and Yayasan Sabah Headquarters Complex, Kota Kinabalu

7. Who is qualified to apply?

- Malaysians born in Sabah
- Either mother or father must be born in Sabah
- Did not get any financial assistance from other sponsorship body

8. Which applicants are given priority during the selection process?

- Students who come from poor family backgrounds
- Students from rural areas
- Students whose parents have many other children that are still schooling
- Orphaned students

9. Selection criteria used by Yayasan Sabah.

- Low income
- Lots of responsibility(children to bear, raise and feed)
- Academic achievement
- Still studying / getting a place at public university
- Courses taken are courses that can guarantee their future

10. What should be done by successful applicants?

- Read and understand the forms attached
- Complete 4 copies of the loan form
- Stamp and chop the loan form for official purposes

All offers for university level will be announced on the radio and published in local dailies in the month of March every year or right after SPM results are announced by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia. Forms can be obtained at Yayasan Sabah Headquarters Complex or any Yayasan Sabah Zones Administration Offices.

11. When does a lender start to repay the loan?

Six months after completing their studies. Monthly installment payment amount and repayment period will be determined based on the loan amount and age level.

Note: Please refer to
website for the application procedures.

Source: http://www.ysnet.org.my/


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