University (IPTA) Appeals

Want to know how many appeals for university (IPTA) seats were made through MCA this year? Read the excerpt below.


A short excerpt from the news article:-

"On another matter, Dr Wee said the MCA Youth education bureau and SUPP Youth had submitted 666 and 93 appeals, respectively, to the Higher Education Ministry on behalf of students who failed to obtain places or courses as well as subjects of their wish at public universities.

Dr Wee said of the 666 cases, 131 of them had achieved a CGPA of above 3.0.

“Some of them do not only have good academic results but have also done well in co-curricular activities yet they have failed to get the subject of their wish,” he said.

Deputy Higher Education Minister Dr Hou Kok Chung said the ministry would solve the problems as soon as possible

Source: "MCA angry over MP’s statement"; TheStar Online, 04/07/2008


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