Adequate Sleep Important To Retrieve Accurate Information

Adequate Sleep Important To Retrieve Accurate Information

Many students have the tendency to sleep late at night and then wake up early to attend classes or lectures the next day. The reasons for them to do so may vary from burning the midnight oil to study for exams, playing computer games, going out for supper with friend, etc.

A recent research carried out in Jan Born's laboratory at University of Lubeck, Germany shows that sleep-deprived people are more likely to have false memory when asked to recall certain information.

But if you are sleep-deprived, there seems to be away to help you recall information more accurately, which is caffeine. Their studies also showed that sleep-deprived people were able to retrieve information more accurately when they were given caffeine.

Well, I'm not suggesting all of you out there to drink cups of coffee before a morning exam paper. But, if you really didn't get enough sleep the night before the exam, I guess it would be a good idea to, since it boost your memory when you don't have enough sleep.

What I would like to advise here is that everyone should study consistently so that you don't have to sleep late before the exam day, hence, you don't have to worry about recalling the wrong information while putting down your answers during an exam.

Happy sleeping!!! *I sure love to sleep a lot; beginning from now on, MORE SLEEP FOR TEDDY!!!*

Source: "Sleep Loss Produces False Memory: But caffeine helps to boost accurate recall" by Kerri Smith, Nature News, 14 July 2008.


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