Malaysia Express Bus Accidents (Malaysia Bus Can Fly)

For a youth, whether a student studying in a boarding school/university or a fresh graduate looking for a better opportunity, express busses is the most convenient mode of transport for us, due to the price and we don't need to drive for long hours on the highway.

But it has been rather worrying that we often see accidents involving busses. What has the authority have in mind to curb such accidents? Bus turning turtle, bus crashing into dividers, bus drove into the ravine, bus ended up in the river, bus overshot into the sea, etc?

I used to travel a lot by bus, and you can seriously be surprised with the speed a new bus (3 seats in a row type) can achieve!!! I've had the honour of risking my life taking the front row seat behind the driver in a midnight bus heading to Kuala Lumper. Guess what I saw on the speedometer... 150kmph!!! YES, the meter was pointing at 150kmph!!!! Tell me how fast is that?

For all the university or college students out there, I'm sure you need to travel back to home sometime which is in another state, are you afraid? Are your families worried of your safety?

Earlier this year, a friend of my friends unfortunately met a fatal accident on a bus. A very young student. A great loss to many. It is also very saddening to read her friends blogging about her after her accident.

I urge the authorities to take firm actions to ensure the safety of the bus passengers. We really do not want any bus accidents during the start or ending of a semester when the bus is usually filled with so many young students.


2 killed in express bus crash
Source: NSTonline, 25/06/2008

The crashed bus at Km406 of the North-South Expressway.

KUALA KUBU BARU: Two people were killed and seven others seriously injured when the express bus they were in slammed into a divider and overturned at Km406 of the North-South Expressway near Lembah Beringin.

In the 1.30pm incident, the Allison Express bus was on its way to Singapore from Penang with 18 passengers when the driver lost control of the vehicle after negotiating a bend.

Police said the 44-year-old driver had an arrest warrant and three traffic summonses under his name.

Selangor traffic police chief Superintendent Che Hussin Omar said investigations showed that the driver lost control of the bus due to heavy rain and the slippery road.

The wreck covered two lanes of the expressway and caused a massive jam.

"Two passengers died on the spot after they were pinned under the overturned bus, while seven others were seriously injured.

"They have been warded at Slim River Hospital and Sungai Buloh Hospital."

The deceased were identified as Husaini Karim, 52, of George Town, Penang and Khoo Kheng Ch'ng, 77, of Ayer Hitam, Penang.

The others, including the driver and his assistant, were given outpatient treatment at the Kuala Kubu Baru Hospital.

Police have yet to detain the driver, Che Hussin said.


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