Euro 2008 VS Studies

Soccer is undeniably a popular sports among Malaysian youths, in fact, among youths around the world too. Many would stay up late just to watch this exciting matches with friends in the dorm over a packet of groundnut and coke.

What about you? Do you do that too? Or due to studies, you forgo the matches and go to sleep early for your morning lectures? Fear not, according to this article, Penang Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman is actually providing The Star Euro 2008 street edition in the kolej!!! So it allows the students to get the latest results everyday.

Anyway, I do want to advice every youth out there that, education is very important, and thus should come first. But don't forget to find a balance between study and having fun, k!! Enjoy the matches!!!!


Pullout gets students rushing to college early
Source: TheStar Online, 24/06/2008

GEORGE TOWN: Avid football fan Tan Khai Keong cannot afford to stay up late to watch the Euro 2008 matches because he has to attend classes in the morning.

That is why the Penang Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman student is among the first to reach the college to grab a copy of The Star Euro 2008 street edition.

“The pullout gives me the latest results. The content is comprehensive,” said the second-year Diploma in Accounting student.

The pullout is given free daily until June 30 to keep football fans updated on their favourite teams.

Tan, 20, said he could not watch his favourite team as most of the matches were telecast live in the wee hours of the morning.

“To me, studies come first and I have to sleep early,” he said.

A total of 150 copies of the pullout are distributed at the college daily.

Tan Sok Mun, 21, said she would rush to the administration office to get a copy.

“At times, all the copies are snapped by 9.30am,” she said, adding that the graphics and interesting write-ups are good ways to keep her informed on the latest matches.

The pullout is also available at the Juru and Penang Bridge tollbooths on weekends.

Copies can also be obtained at government offices, colleges, 7-Eleven outlets, shopping complexes, certain nasi kandar restaurants and petrol stations


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