Biasiswa Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman (Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship)

Biasiswa Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman (Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship)


a) General Requirements
- Malaysian Citizen
- Below 25 years old at the date of application
- Just completed the first semester*, for year one of the First Degree in any local higher institution.

b) Academic & Co-curriculum Requirements
- Obtained excellent results in SPM/STPM/Matriculation
- Credit in Bahasa Malaysia and English in SPM
- Obtained a minimum CGPA of 3.50 for the first semester* examination of year one of the First Degree
- Possess leadership qualities and active participation in co-curricular activities

c) Additional Requirements
- Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship recipient is required to serve the country for at least five (5) years after completion of the sponsored studies.

* The successful candidate will only be determined after receiving the examination results for the second semester of the first year, i.e. obtaining a CGPA above 3.50 for the First Year.


The benefits are as follow:
- Tuition fee as required by the institution
- Stipend worth RM1,000 a month
- Book allowance worth RM300/semester
- Related allowances for thesis, project papers, stationery (once per year)
- Flight fare (2 ways) once a year (for Peninsular students who study in Sabah & Sarawak; Sabah & Sarawak students who study in the Peninsular)


Please refer to the
website for the application form and closing dates.


Note: As there are no English version of the website, I have put in my best efforts to translate the contents on the website to be as accurate as possible. Please refer to the website for the original text. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

is it possible to break the 5 year contract to marry and move to another country

Teddy said...


a contract is a contract, if you need to break it, then you will need to discuss with the scholarship awarding body.

why are you thinking of breaking the contract even before you take it up? or have you taken this scholarship actually?

Maggie said...

i thought the CGPA only require 3.00 and above. How come is 3.50 and above?
For the interview, is it all the students who apply for this scholarship will get this interview or they already filter it and just ask for some students to go attend this interview?
What type of questions will be asked?
About politics or what?

Maggie said...

Serve the country at least 5 years if there are any vacancy or it is compulsory?

Tedd said...


the conditions of the scholarship have been stated clearly on the website ( )

only the eligible applicants will be asked to attend the interview.

u need to discuss with the committee should u plan to break the contract.

about serving the country, you need to talk to them also.

Maggie said...

thanks for the advise..

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