Yayasan Telekom Malaysia Overseas Scholarship (Biasiswa Luar Negara)

Yayasan Telekom Malaysia (Biasiswa Luar Negara)

Yayasan Telekom Malaysia Overseas Scholarship


1. Malaysian Citizen.
2. Not more than 19 years of age at the time of application.
3. Obtained excellent results in SPM of the preceding year, obtaining A in the eight (8) main subjects related to the field of interest:-
Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology or science and technical related courses.
- English, Modern Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Physics and Pure Science/Technology/Information Technology.
Management (Accounting, Business Administration, Marketing or courses not related to science and technical.
- English, Modern Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Two (2) best elective subjects from Pure Science/Arts/Technology.


Examples of university which Yayasan TM provides sponsorship are as follow:-

United Kingdom :

-University of Oxford
-University of Cambridge
-London Schools of Economics
-Imperial College London
-University College London
-Loughborough University
-University College London
-University of Edinburgh
-University of Bristol

Amerika Syarikat :

-Harvard University
-Stanford University
-University of California - Berkeley
-Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
-California Institute of Technology

Australia :

-University of Sydney
-University of Melbourne
-University of New South Wales

Jepun :

-University of Kyoto
-University of Osaka
-University of Tokyo

Perancis :

-University of Paris 06
-University of Paris 11
-University of Strasbourg 1
-Ecole Normale Super Paris

Jerman :

-University of Munich
-Technical University of Munich
-University of Heidelburg
-University of Goettingen
-University of Freiburg


- Please refer to the
website under Overseas Scholarship section (Biasiswa Luar Negara)


Note: The website does not currently have an English Version, thus, I've put in my best effort translating the site. Please refer to the Yayasan Telekom site for the original Malay text. Thanks.


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