Yayasan Telekom Malaysia (Biasiswa Dalam Negara)

Yayasan Telekom Malaysia (Biasiswa Dalam Negara)

Yayasan Telekom Malaysia Local Scholarship

This scheme aims to provide assistance for students to further their studies in local public and private institutions which are recognized by the Ministry of Education and the National Acreditation Board for the specific fields sponsored by Yayasan TM.


Yayasan TM will only consider application which fulfils the following criteria:-

1. Malaysian citizen
2. Not more than 19 years of age for SPM holders, 20 years of age for STPM holders or its equivalent and not more than 21 years of age for Diploma holders or its equivalent on the date when the advertisement is published.
3. Successfully secured a place and registered to undergo a full time course in a particular institution recognized either by the Ministry of Education or National Acreditation Board (for private institutions) and the Private Education Department.
4. Does not hold any other sponsorship from another party.
5. Suitable academic qualifications.
For SPM holders seeking admission into A-level/Foundation/Pre-university/Diploma courses, the students must have obtained at least 4B in the core subjects according to the field of interest, as below:-
Engineering/Computer Science/Information Technology and other science fields:
- English, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry or Pure Science/Technology/Information Technology/Vocational.
- English, Modern Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Accounting, Commerce/Basic Economics/Geography/History/Science.
- English, Modern Mathematics, Drawing/Arts, Additional Mathematics/Accounting/Commerce/Basic Economics and History/Geography/Science.

For admission into the First Degree level, the Diploma holder must have obtained at least a CGPA of 3.30 or B+ or its equivalent and Pre-university/Matriculation/STPM leavers must have obtained at least a CGPA of 3.00 and passed General Studies. The following are the subjects based on the field of studies:-
- Engineering/Computer Science/Information Technology and other related fields; Pure Mathematics, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and General Studies.
- Management (Human Resource, Accounting, Marketing, Business, Economics and others); Mathematics, Economics, History/Geography, Accounting and General Studies.


- Please refer to the
website, under local scholarship section (Biasiswa Dalam Negara)

Note: The website does not currently have an English Version, thus, I've put in my best effort translating the site. Please refer to the Yayasan Telekom site for the original Malay text. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I don't know whether my application is valid or not..because my course not stated purely management but half of my subject courses are management. i take bachelor in corporate administration(hons) in uitm shah alam..

Teddy said...

Emma halim

u can always check with the scholarship committee...

Malaysia Biasiswa said...

Nice blog! Can you post more information about scholarship?

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