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Yayasan Pahang

Education Assistance

The education assistance is a focal activity in the Pahang State Foundation since its inception 25 years ago.The quality and quantiti of recipients of these loans were the main concern in this department. In the initial setting of the department the quantity of recipients were the main concern to ensure no Pahang born citizens are left out due to the economic down turn.

However, at present the main criteria in granting education assistance is based on the excellent academic result. These students who excel would further continue their studies in selective and critical courses.

This department also encompasses the loan unit, scholarships and other programmes with regards to development in the sectors of education, sports, and culture. This complete package for Pahang born children will start from primary school, to secondary, higher learning education, the orang Asli minority community and the working community.

Financial assistance in the form of scholarship, loan and other financial support has made the Pahang State Foundation an icon of recognition, thus producing citizens of intellectual capacity. These citizens would in turn possess positive values in achieving the agenda for Vision 2020 for the country.


Chief Minister’s Excellent Award is given to students of Pahang who have excelled in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) and Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM). This scholarship will give the opportunity for the deserving candidates to pursue a degree in their choice of field. This prestigious scholarship granted by the Pahang State Foundation is in line with the long term plan of the Pahang State Government, to produce intellectual professional as a form developing human capital.

Criteria To Apply
1. A Pahang born citizen can be defined as:

- Applicant or either parents are born in the state of Pahang .

2. Possesses excellent academic results and strong leadership qualities . In addition, active participation in co-curriculum and sports at state and national level.
3. Achieve the following :-

SPM Candidate : 91As
STPM Candidate : 4 Principal As

4. Choosing the fields of selective and critical courses like Medicine Aeronautical
Engineering , Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Nuclear Science and others (not including
Preparatory programme before going overseas)

5. Possess high ethical standards and commendable personality
6. In good health.

Until now a total of 32 excellent students in the STATE OF Pahang have succeeded to receive the Chief Minister’s Excellent Award Scholarship in Pahang , and are pursuing their choice of field institutions of higher learning locally and overseas.

Educational Loan

- Masters/PhD in institutions of higher learning is accredited by the government (Overseas education only for selected and critical courses unavailable in Malaysia)
- Bachelor degree from Middle Eastern University for Islamic studies courses and Arabic language and Takhasus Qiraat

- Al-Azhar University, Egypt

- Ibnu Tofail University, Morocco

- Bachelor of Medicine

- Universities in Egypt

- Univeristies in Jordan

- Bachelor of Islamic Banking IKIP-Yarmouk University, Jordan
- - Bachelor degree of selected and critical courses (offered only for the first year of the first degree level)

Field of studies
* Doctor of Medicine
* Dentistry
* Pharmacy
* Doctor of Medicine (Veterinary)
* Medical Science
* Optometry

* Biotechnology
* Nano Technology
* Genetics & Molecular Biology
* Plant Biotechnology
* Biodiversity Management & Maintenance
* Food Technology
* Agrotechnology (Aquaculture)
* Wood Industry & Technology
* Technology & Farming Management

* Aerospace Engineering
* Mechanical Automotive Engineering
* Mechanical Marine Technology Engineering
* Mechanical Aeronautics Engineering
* Manufacturing Engineering
* Mechatronic Engineering
* Electronic Engineering

* Marine Science
* Nuclear Science
* Computer Science (Networking)
* Computer Science (Systems)

* Economics/International Economics
* Business Management In Islamic Banking
* Accountancy


- Ijazah/Diploma Program Pengajian Jarak Jauh (PJJ), Kursus Luar Kampus (KLK) dan Pembelajaran Fleksibel (FLP) anjuran IPT.
-. Ijazah/Diploma/Sijil Kolej IKIP Kuantan
- Sijil Sains Komputer, Diploma Teknologi Elektronik, Diploma Elektrik Kuasa, Diploma Sistem Komputer dan Diploma Sistem Komputer Tahap 4 di Kolej PSDC
- Diploma/Sijil di Politeknik
- Diploma Kolej Islam Pahang Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah (KIPSAS)
- DIploma Kolej Teknologi Islam Melaka (KTIM) bagi kursus-kursus :
>> Diploma Kejururawatan
>> Diploma Pengurusan Hotel dan Pelancongan

- Peringkat Asas/Foundation di IPTS yang diiktiraf oleh Kerajaan dan diluluskan oleh Yayasan Pahang
- Sijil Kemahiran Tahap 1& 2 Kursus Kemahiran Perhotelan (IKIP-HIAS)
- Sijil Kemahiran Tahap 2 & 3 Kursus Kemahiran MLVK (IKIP Training & IKIP Bentong)
- Diploma Kemahiran Teknologi Maklumat Tahap 4 (IKIP Bentong)
- Sijil Multimedia di Institut ECMA
- Program Internship (Instructional Designer) di Institut ECMA
- Kursus Kemahiran (Juruelektrik Tahap 1 & 2) dan Program Penjaga Jentera Elektrik (Chargeman AO)
- Diploma/Ijazah Sarjana Muda di UniKL

• Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Electrical)

• Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Electronic)

• Diploma of Engineering Technology Ship Construction & Maintenance

• Diploma of Engineering Technology Ship Design

• Diploma of Engineering Technology (DET) in Electronic Engineering

• Diploma in Engineering Technology - Mechnical Design & Development

• Diploma in Engineering Technology - Moulds Manufacturing

• Diploma in Engineering Technology - Production

• Diploma in Chemical Engineering Technology (Food)

• Diploma in Chemical Engineering Technology (Polymer)

• Diploma in Chemical Engineering Technology (Bioprocess)

• Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Technology (Avionic)

• Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Technology (Manufacturing)

• Diploma in Nursing

• Diploma in Pharmacy

• Diploma in Radiography

Note: Please refer to the website for application forms.

Source: www.yp.org.my


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