MUET New Specification

MUET New Specification

Beginning from November 2008's MUET examination, a new specification will be implemented. In this new specification, more marks has been allocated to the 'Writing' section whereas the marks for 'Reading' has been reduced.

Old Specification (May 2008 Exam and before)
- Listening: 15% (45 marks)
- Speaking: 15% (45 marks)
- Reading: 45% (135 marks)
- Writing: 25% (75 marks)

New Specification (Nov 2008 Exam onwards)
- Listening: 15% (45 marks)
- Speaking: 15% (45 marks)
- Reading: 40% (120 marks)
- Writing: 30% (90 marks)


I personally prefer this change in the allocation of marks as the "Writing" section is the one which can really test your command of the language. Thus the marks would better reflect the users ability in English.



Ping Ping said...

i think like this better. Wished they changed this earlier. You know why? Cause their reading comprehension damn boring and damn hard. T.T I almost fell asleep reading the passage and it's not even interesting cause they talk about economy in India or something. SO BORING!!!!

Teddy said...

Ping Ping..

I tot normally ppl like reading, coz the infomation is all there. U just need to write it out...

Not like essay, need to think yourself.. hehe..

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