Model SPM Biology Essay Questions

Model SPM Biology Essay Questions

Question 1

a) One of the main functions of the blood circulation system in the human body is as a transport system. Explain this statement using examples where possible. (10M)

b) The regulation of human body temperature is one of the homeostasis control which uses the negative feedback mechanism. Describe briefly how the human body regulates its temperature using this mechanism. (10M)

Question 2

a) State the correct posture when a person stands and when lifting a heavy object from the ground. (6M)

b) Explain the meaning of parthenocarpy. (10M)

c) State the roles of auxin in the positive phototropism of the bud of a plant. (4M)

Question 3

a) The quality of the environment must be protected amidst developing a country. Discuss how unplanned activities can have adverse effects towards the environment. (10M)

b) Describe an experiment to compare the level of water pollution for water of four different sources. (10M)

Question 4

a) Define the following terms: (i) endemic, (ii) epidemic & (iii) pandemic (6M)

b) Discuss the methods which can prevent the spread of disease from one country to another. (6M)

c) How does Malaysia prevent the spread of diseases. (8M)

Note: If you have any model exam questions either from your school or tuition, please share with other readers of this blog by dropping the questions in the comment section. By doing this, everyone from different schools can exchange model exam questions. Hopefully, everyone can score A's. Thank you.


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