Korean Government Scholarship Program to Graduate Students

Postgrad Scholarships (TheStar, 04/05/2008)

THE Republic of Korea is offering scholarships to 30 students to pursue masters and doctoral degrees in Korea. The scholarships, aimed at promoting education exchange and enhancing friendship ties between Malaysia and Korea, cover tuition fees for a duration of two years for a masters programme and three years for a doctoral programme.

Scholarship recipients have to take a preparatory Korean language training programme prior to commencing the postgrad courses. Other benefits include a roundtrip airfare, monthly allowance of about RM2,800, research allowance, dissertation printing cost, settlement and repatriation allowance, medical insurance as well as full Korean language training expenses for one year.

Applicants must be under 40 years of age as of Sept 1. They must have already finished, or are expected to finish, a bachelor’s programme before Aug 31 to apply for the masters programme. Similarly, applicants for the doctoral programme must have completed, or are expected to complete, a masters programme before Aug 31.

All applicants should possess a grade point average of above B.

The closing date is June 18.

To obtain further information and an application form, log on to the official website of Korean Embassy in Kuala Lumpur –mys.mofat.go.kr/eng/index.jsp.



Prospective applicant must meet the following qualification criteria :
(1) Applicants should be citizens of Malaysia.
(2) Applicants should be under 40 years of age as of September 1, 2008, i.e. born after September 1, 1968. There is no age limit for individuals applying for a research program.
(3) Applicants must have already earned or expected to receive:
(a) a bachelor's degree or equivalent prior to August 31, 2008, in order to apply for a graduate (master's degree) program;
(b) a master's degree prior to August 31, 2008, in order to apply for an advanced program.(doctoral degree; Ph. D.)
(4) Possess Grade Point Average (GPA) above 'B' level ('80%' as percentage) from the last educational institution attended
(5) Over 500 of PBT or 173 of CBT or 61 of iBT TOEFL Test / Over 5.5 of IELTS (Preferential selection by the higher score).
※ Certificates of English tests other than TOEFL and IELTS will not be admitted.
(6) Have an adequate health, both physically and mentally
(7) Not at any time have received a Korean government scholarship for his/her graduate study before.
(8) Be willing to promote amicable relations between Malaysia and the Republic of Korea.
(9) Preferential selection by the higher grade of Test of Proficiency in Korean by Korean Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation
(10) Applicants for a research program are required to submit, together with other application documents, an official invitation letter from one of the Korean research institutions, universities, or other such organizations.

※ Limitation of Qualification
Those who are already taking or will take a degree course in Korea during the spring(march) semester of Year 2008 are not qualified for the same‐level degree course of this program.


Airfare: The award recipient will be paid an economy class airfare from their country to the Republic of Korea, and, thereafter, an economy air ticket from Korea to their country after the completion of their study.
※ The NIIED does not compensate either for fees for their domestic travel or for an insurance for traveling to and from the Republic of Korea. These costs must be paid by the grantees themselves.
※ Airfare for entry into Korea and settlement allowance will not be provided to one who has remained in Korea on account of the study or employment as of the confirmation date of selection of scholarship students. And should any grantee wish to return home within one‐year except those taking 6‐month research program, airfare for repatriation should be borne by him/herself except for the cases approved by the NIIED such as his/her close relatives' death, serious illness, severance of diplomatic relations, war and other natural disasters.
Monthly Allowance: Upon arrival and registration at NIIED, the grantee will be provided with 900,000 won per month to cover living expenses for the period of his or her program.
Tuition Fees: Scholars under the auspices of Korean government are subject for a tuition waiver: Full entrance fee is exempted by the host university and a tuition fee is exempted by the government.
Research Allowance (2 time per year): Includes costs for textbooks and other literature, student association membership, dissertation review, and so on; it is only granted to those who take a degree course or a research course.
ă…‡Humanities: 210,000 won per semester.
ă…‡Natural sciences, arts or physical education: 240,000 won per semester
Settlement Allowance: A grantee is paid 200,000 won upon arrival
Repatriation Allowance: A grantee is paid 100,000 won upon completion of studies.
Korean Language Training Expenses: The NIIED pays the full costs directly to
the entrusted language training institution up to 1 year.
Dissertation Printing Costs: Up to 500,000 won will be reimbursed for the costs related to a dissertation printing. (Up to 800,000 won for art or physical education course)
Medical Insurance: The grantees will be provided with a health insurance during the period of their study program in the Republic of Korea. They will be reimbursed against direct payments for the major accidents and illnesses. The NIIED will assist the grantee in finding out what cases are covered by the insurance.

http://mys.mofat.go.kr/eng/index.jsp (Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Malaysia)


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