JPA/PSD Scholars Refused to Return Home!

Obtained JPA/PSD Scholarship But Refuse To Return Home?

Some important excerpt about JPA/PSD scholarship holders from the Sinchew Newspapers (13/04/2008) below.

1. Beginning from 2003, there is an increasing trend of JPA/PSD scholarship recipients who refuse to return to Malaysia to serve the government.
2. In 2006, 21 medical students in UK refused to return to Malaysia.
3. In 2007, 63 medical students in UK refused to return to Malaysia.
4. In 2007, 27 medical students in Ireland refused to return to Malaysia.
5. Since 2003, a total of 145 UK graduates, 85 Ireland graduates, 3 Russia graduates, 2 Jordan graduates and 1 Japan graduate refused to return to Malaysia.
6. The students excuses for not returning were they wanted to undergo the housemanship in the countries, but thereafter, they underwent specialist training and registered to practice in those countries.
7. The government spent RM1.1 million per student for the scholarship.
8. Since 1989, about 30 of such cases were brought to court.
9. One student has declared bankruptcy due to the lawsuit.

I seriously cannot comprehend why these people are so selfish!! They were given the opportunity to study medicine with the scholarships using the Malaysian Citizen's money. Yet, they refuse to return to serve the people. The medical profession is to serve the people (patients), especially when they have paid taxes which goes into the scholarship. How can they be so selfish!! Did they obtained the scholarship only for their own hidden agenda?


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KyonMin said...

Cibai ungrateful students.
This happens when they give scholarship to high income family rather than the poorer ones!
The rich can cover court fees whatever shits what. So if the scholarships are offered to the poorer ones, at least, anyhow also sure will come back Malaysia!

Ping Ping said...

my sis was a JPA scholar and took Pharmacist. She is back to serve the government for 7 years. Most of the students who took up doctor refuse to come back cause they have to serve the government for 10 years and the salary over there is so much higher. I think to take people's money and then refuse to come back is really selfish la.

And you are a doctor for goodness sake. I hope the doctors will come back and serve the country. Else, in future, there'll be lesser scholarships given..

Teddy said...


Yea, I agree...It is a very ungrateful situation when they take tax payers money, go overseas, then dont come back, they earn big money over there, become famous top specialist, but nvr comeback to serve...

Teddy said...

ping ping,

if the person really have passion towards the career.. then salary and years to serve will not be an issue...

it is a health sector, the priority is the patient's health not their personal wealth... if they keep thinking about earning big money only, then i dont think they possess the quality to be a doctor in the 1st place.. I wonder how JPA/PSD screen this so called scholars...

3POINT8 said...

those people who offer scholarship should really tell how is the deal like.
I think they should tell the truth to students saying something like:
If you accept this scholarship, you will be given the oppurtunity to study this course at this country. After completion, you are required to service the country for an amount of year. Bear in mind that this country offers this much of pay where as our country offers this much of pay.

That way, those who think that its not worth it, will not take up the scholarship. Its good cause it gives other people a chance...

Teddy said...


i dun tink these students who wana study medic doesnt know about malaysian doctors pay..

i tink they kno from the start, n have all intention to not come back from the start oso...

everybody knows doctor in malaysia dun get paid like overseas... wasted all the money...

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