JASSO Honors Scholarship (Japan)

Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students

The scholarship offered by
JASSO is applicable to various student categories including undergraduate and postgraduate (Doctor's, Master's, Research/Kenkyu-sei) students to study in Japan.


- The qualifications do not include the age limit, designated Japanese schools to attend nor designated courses to major in in Japan.
- Written recommendation by attending university or school
- "College student" visa status required
- Students should meet the required grade point
- Monthly allowance from family should not exceed Y90,000
- Annual income of the financial supporter should be less than Y5,000,000


- Monthly stipend
i) Postgraduate = Y70,000
ii) Undergraduate = Y50,000
- Tenable for 1 year


- Applications for the Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students will be accepted through universities (including graduate schools), junior colleges, professional training colleges (advanced course), colleges of technology or university preparatory course (designated by MEXT) which applicants attend in Japan (hereinafter referred to as "schools")
- The applicants must fill in an application form (available at the academic affairs department of schools), submit it to your schools to have them recommend to JASSO that you are qualified to receive an Honors Scholarship.
- The applicants must contact the schools to confirm the application procedure.

http://www.jasso.go.jp/study_j/scholarships_sfisij_e.html (Japan Student Services Organization – Scholarship Information)

There are a variety of Japanese scholarships offered by their local governments & foundations. Please refer to the
link above for further information.


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