Identity Theft

'I Hunted Down the Woman who Stole my Life', this was the title of the article I read in the May's Edition of Reader's Digest Magazine yesterday.

The story was about a lady called Karen Lodrick whose identity was stolen unfortunately. For months, the con artist was tapping into Karen's account, using her money to buy personal materials. The con artist somehow applied for debit cards under her name and made transactions using her home phone. Having her personal information, the con artist was able to gain access to her accounts even though she had closed and open new ones. The con artist even opened accounts using Karen's name.

Identity thefts are not an event we see in movies anymore, it is really happening in real life. When more and more people joining the cyber world, one would need to think 'How safe is the cyberworld/internet?' Many people pay bills and carry out other transactions online, delivering and receiving many confidential information. So, how safe are we when we use the internet?

What if the evil criminals steals your identity through the internet? How would your life be? Somebody using your name to carry out monetary activities or even ruining your reputation.

Even with all the benefits on the net, there are also threats which all of us should be aware of and be cautious of. Happy surfing...


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