'How can she die just like that?'

She is the 16th trainee to die during National Service since it started in 2004. I think that explains everything, doesn't it. More should be done in providing better medical facilities for the trainees when they complain of any health problems and they should undergo a thorough medical check-up before joining the National Service to ensure they are fit enough for the activities.


'How can she die just like that?'
By : Rina De Silva
Source: NSTonline, 09/05/2008

KUALA SELANGOR: The tears flowed freely in Pasir Penambang yesterday.

Too Hui Min died on Wednesday night from a colon infection.

The entire village, it seemed, had turned up for the wake of 18-year-old Too Hui Min, the National Service trainee who died of a colon infection on Wednesday.

They were joined by some of Hui Min's fellow trainees as they tried to comfort her family and other relatives.

There was naught they could do, however, as many of the teen's family members broke down when her body arrived at 3pm.

The person who seemed worst hit was Hui Min's aunt, Sia Poh Hiong. The 50-year-old broke down and sobbed uncontrollably then.

"I cannot believe she is gone. She is a good girl. She lived with me for five years. How can she die just like that?" wailed Sia as the casket was carried into the Too family home.

Hui Min's mother, Chin Kwei Choo, 52, was more composed but lashed out at the National Service Training Council for not taking her daughter to the hospital immediately after she complained of having an upset stomach.

"They should have taken my daughter immediately to the hospital and not waited until a few hours later."

Chin said she received four calls from camp authorities about her daughter's condition. The last one was to announce Hui Min's death.

"When I received that last call, I was numb. I was in shock but I sort of accepted it after receiving the previous calls."

Hui Min's father, Jong Sing, 55, was more stoic at the wake, standing at the head of the coffin, accepting condolences with a blank expression.

Her elder brother, Hin Woon, seemed mystified by her sudden death.

He said she sounded her usual cheerful self when she telephoned him on the morning of her death.

"She sounded really excited about the firearms training that morning. She even told me 'Don't be jealous, okay'," he said.

Hui Min's fellow trainees brought her belongings from the camp and handed them to the family.

The disbelief that their friend was gone clearly registered on their pale faces as they viewed her body lying in the casket.

One trainee, Elmilia Elbert, said Hui Min was about to start a week's leave from training so she could register for Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia classes.

Before the group left for firearms training, she said, Hui Min went from bed to bed wishing everybody goodbye.

Another trainee, Noor Suriawati Saban, said Hui Min liked to chat with everyone, not caring what race they were.

She liked learning new languages, especially Korean, said Hui Min's 13-year-old sister Hui Wen.

"She learnt Korean while watching serial dramas and through the Internet."

Fighting back the tears while going through Hui Min's childhood photographs in the family album, Hui Wen said her sister had hoped to become a tour operator and travel the world.

Hui Min's funeral service is scheduled to be held at 11am today, followed by cremation in Meru.


Hui Min not taken straight to hospital

Source: NSTonline, 09/05/2008

KUALA LUMPUR: The Health Ministry will conduct a full investigation into the death of National Service trainee Too Hui Min.

The investigation will be headed by Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican.

The cause of death has been initially determined as toxic megacolon, an infection of the colon.

Hui Min died at 10.45pm at the Slim River Hospital on Wednesday, eight hours after complaining of an upset stomach while undergoing firearms training at a shooting range in Jugra, Banting, Selangor.

National Service Training Council member Joseph Wang yesterday said the Health Ministry would investigate how Hui Min could have died of the infection just hours after complaining of an upset stomach.

"This is the first time I have heard of someone dying so soon after complaining of an upset stomach."

Wang was speaking at the wake for Hui Min at her family home in Kuala Selangor. He represented the council at the wake.

Wang said the council would also conduct its own investigations to determine if there were other factors that had caused Hui Min's death.

He said the council would be presenting compensation of RM40,000 and funeral expenses of RM3,000 to her family.

Hui Min was undergoing NS training at the Geo Kosmo camp in Kuala Kubu Baru and was due to complete the programme on June 7.

Earlier, National Service Training Department director-general Datuk Abdul Hadi Awang Kechil said Hui Min had not been taken straight to the hospital after complaining of an upset stomach because she appeared "normal and stable".

He provided the chronology of events leading to Hui Min's death on Wednesday:

1.45pm: Hui Min arrives at the shooting range in Jugra to undergo firearms training. She has chicken rice for lunch.

3pm: Hui Min complains of an upset stomach. She is examined by paramedic Khalid Yusof and is not allowed to continue with the training. She is given medication for flatulence.

5.30pm: Hui Min is taken back to the Geo Kosmo camp to be examined by the hospital assistant.

8 to 8.30pm: She is taken to the Slim River Hospital for further checks. Camp administrators inform her parents Too Jong Sing and Chin Kwei Choo of the decision to send her to hospital.

8.30pm: Hui Min is admitted to the observation ward.

10.45pm: Hui Min dies.

Abdul Hadi said Hui Min would not have been placed in the observation ward if she was not in a stable condition.

He said based on her NS application form, Hui Min did not have a history of any illness.

"The only time she had complained prior to Wednesday was on March 19, when she said she was suffering from premenstrual cramps."

Abdul Hadi said in light of Hui Min's death, a more frequent medical review of the trainees may be necessary in the future.

On the cause of death, he said Hui Min may have had a colon problem without knowing about it.

Abdul Hadi said Hui Min was the 16th NS trainee to have died during training since 2004 and the second case this year.


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