Driver's License in Malaysia

P - For Me To Know or For You To See?

Have you got your driver's license? Upon passing the drivng test and receiving your license in Malaysia, you will be under a Probationary Period of two years, during which you have to stick a big red 'P' sticker on the vehicle that you are driving.

Theoretically, when you have your 'P' license, it means you are under a demerit system. Every mistake you did while on the road, will result in a certain amount of points being deducted, obviously you need to be caught by the police in order to get the deductions. If at the end of the Probationary Period, you have less than the required amount of points, you are not eligible to receive the full driver's license.

Recently, there has been talks regarding the flaws of this system and whether it will go on.

Some say this system is good as the big red 'P' slapped on your windscreen and the rear glass constantly reminds you of your 'status' as a new driver. What that means is; you can drive, but please don't do any dangerous stunts. If not, you may see your license suspended at the end of the two year period. As the Hokkien saying goes "Kiang Tok Hor, Mai Gei Kiang!" [It's good to be smart, but don't act smart]

But then, do you think a simple little, okay la, not very little since it's like 4x4 inches 'P' going to have such impact on the driver? I have my doubts. Hehe... There are so many fresh drivers out there who upon getting their license, drives like samseng like that!!! Zig-zag in between cars la, jump on the throttle vrooom here vrooom there la... Who cares if there's an ugly red 'P' there on the windscreen or not?!

I think all of us know a number of people around us who started driving even before the youngest legal age to drive right! That's why even when they've just obtained their license, they drive recklessly as though they have been driving for ages!!

To me, the 'P' is more for others to see rather than yourself to know your status. When people see the big 'P', they would think:
"Alamak, amateur driver la, better keep my distance!! Don't want let him hit my pretty car!!"
"Aiya, his engine died, nevermind, give chance, better don't honk, just in case he panic shift into Reverse and then drive into my front"
Haha... Do you get such thoughts when you see the 'P'?

I know I do.. Hehehe... Happy driving...


Samuel said...

I thought the P stands for Professional :D

Teddy said...




my bad then...


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