64 NS trainees from Setiu camp down with food poisoning

FOOD POISONING IN NS CAMP AGAIN!!! Wow!!! The quality control must be extremely amazing... I wonder how often must the NS trainees be sent to hospitals... Seems like there have been quite a number of trainees-hospital news recently, I wonder what's wrong with the NS Camp actually...


64 NS trainees from Setiu camp down with food poisoning
By: Sean Augustin
Source: NSTonline, 29/05/2008


NOT AGAIN! SIXTY-FOUR National Service trainees from the Barracuda camp, here, were rushed to the hospital for food poisoning, today, barely a week after eight trainees were reported to have suffered the same fate.

Out of the figure, 14 were warded, while the remaining received outpatient treatment at the Setiu hospital. Four canteen staff also came down with food poisoning.

According to the camp's physical trainer Mohd Kamarul Ghani, trainees began complaining of stomach aches, nausea and vomiting around 1am today.

They were then referred to the medical team at the camp before being rushed to the hospital around 7am.

It is believed the lunch served after the trainees had undergone community service, though Mohd Kamarul quickly pointed it out that the food was catered from somewhere else.

The canteen had been closed after May 23 when eight trainees were rushed to the hospital for food poisoning right after breakfast. In that incident four were warded, while the rest were given outpatient treatment.

Nuraini Mohd, from Selangor, who had diarrhoea and vomitted said: "The 'sambal' chicken was sour, and the rice was stale. But I was too hungry to care.”

Parimaladevi Ganesan, from Puchong, said she began to suffer stomachaches after 11pm last night, and had to go to toilet twice at 6am today.

"I felt something was wrong with the chicken after eating half of it. My tummy still hurts. I just want to go back to rest," she said.

Valarmathi Samivellu, from Batang Kali, however can count herself lucky for not going through the ordeal her other friends had endured.

"I have a strong stomach. Maybe it's because I'm used to eating a lot of spicy food. But I was given medicine just in case," she said.

Interviews with the trainees were however cut short after a man believed to be a Setiu hospital staff called the students being interviewed at the foyer to come in to the waiting room.

As of 4pm, officials at the camp could not be reached.


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