KAUST Scholar Award

The KAUST Scholar Award is conferred upon outstanding doctoral students to support their continued research efforts. As recipients of the most prestigious KAUST scholarship award, KAUST Scholars represent a new age of visionary researchers, those who will have a major impact on the future of science, engineering and IT and will be a driving force for global innovation. KAUST Scholars are a "young scholars" version of KAUST's King Abdullah Professors. The selected scholars will embody the highest level of academic and leadership potential and will represent the aspirations and values of KAUST at their home institutions.

The Award consists of generous funding for up to four years to continue the scholar's research project, a living stipend and travel funds.

The scholars will serve as "ambassadors" at global research and technical conferences and workshops. KAUST Scholars will be invited to participate in joint research projects on the KAUST campus and to take an active role mentoring KAUST Discovery Scholarship recipients at joint enrichment workshops focused on leadership and academic excellence.

Upon completion of their doctoral degrees, KAUST may offer KAUST Scholars research and post-doctoral opportunities on the KAUST campus, thereby creating opportunities for exceptional, innovative researchers and professors that will advance the long-term vision and goals of KAUST.

KAUST will invite select universities to nominate scholars for the KAUST Scholar Award.


To qualify for the KAUST Scholar Award, you:

- Must be enrolled at a select university that KAUST has invited to nominate scholars for the KAUST Scholar Award;
- Must be enrolled as a doctoral student and be nominated to KAUST by your Department Chair;
- Must be involved in innovative research related to one of the KAUST fields of study in science, engineering or technology;
- Must submit a university record documenting academic achievement at the highest level, including research activities;
- Must have the potential to make a unique and significant scholarly contribution to a KAUST-related field of study;
- Must be able to travel outside of your home country to attend KAUST-sponsored enrichment activities; and,
- Must be willing to serve as a KAUST “Ambassador” and represent KAUST at research conferences and workshops, participate in join KAUST research projects as appropriate, and serve as mentors to KAUST Discovery Scholarship recipients.


The KAUST Scholar Award entitles you to the following benefits:

- For up to four years, an annual award of up to $50,000 USD for tuition, living stipend and educational expenses, and a research award up to $10,000
- Travel funds to participate in KAUST sponsored KAUST Scholar Award activities

Source: http://www.kaust.edu.sa/students/kaust-scholars.aspx


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