KAUST Discovery Scholarship

The KAUST Discovery Scholarship is the general scholarship program of the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST).

This program is designed to ensure that any highly talented student who is qualified and eligible to enroll in KAUST will receive full financial support while at the University. Those who receive a Discovery Scholarship will receive full tuition support, a living stipend, and summer and career enrichment programs.

KAUST will offer Discovery Scholarships to all KAUST students – an exceptional level of support intended to attract gifted and talented students from Saudi Arabia and from other countries around the world.

KAUST will offer a pre-enrollment version of this general scholarship program to students attending first-university or bachelor's degree programs. KAUST will provide financial support to pre-enrollment Discovery Scholarship recipients at their home institutions prior to the University's opening. Upon graduation, these students will enter KAUST as master's degree students in September 2009 and 2010 to complete their graduate studies on a fully funded scholarship.


To qualify for a KAUST Discovery Scholarship, you:

- Must be able to provide an official first-university or bachelor's university record or transcript documenting coursework taken and highest academic achievement;
- Must be currently enrolled in a first university or bachelor’s degree program in a field of study that is related to the overall KAUST mission (engineering, science, mathematics, environmental science, computer science, etc.);
- Must have the equivalent of a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 and a minimum major-field-of-study GPA of 3.3 on a 4.0 scale
- Must demonstrate English language proficiency and must be able to provide, at a minimum, one of the following test scores if selected as a recipient. The requirements are:
550 TOEFL Paper-Based Test (TOEFL ITP also accepted)
213 TOEFL Computer-Based Test
79-80 TOEFL Internet-Based Test
Applicants who are unable to produce an English Language Proficiency test score by the deadline may still apply. If selected, the award offer will be considered conditional until the student can provide the test score at a later date.
- Must have completed 80 credit hours, or equivalent, of coursework by the end of the 2008 academic year.
- Must demonstrate academic and research interest and/or leadership potential that can be documented in your Statement of Purpose on the application;
- Must be able and willing to matriculate at KAUST in Saudi Arabia in September 2009 or September 2010; and
- Must be able to travel outside your home country to attend KAUST-sponsored enrichment activities.


For the remainder of your first university or bachelor's degree program of study, you will receive:
- Full tuition to complete your first university or bachelor's degree at your current institution
- A living stipend based on your current city and country of residence
- An allowance to purchase text books
- An allowance to purchase a laptop.
- All economy class travel costs associated with your participation in KAUST-sponsored enrichment activities throughout the remainder of your first university or bachelor's degree program. In particular, travel associated with the following activities:
Scholarship award ceremony event
Global workshop at the KAUST campus in Saudi Arabia
Regional leadership workshop

Upon the completion of your first university or bachelor's degree program, you will receive:
- Admission into a master's degree program upon meeting the program's admission requirements at the KAUST campus in Saudi Arabia.
- A full scholarship at KAUST, including tuition, housing and travel costs



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